As Vice President of Wyland Worldwide, LLC, Angela was instrumental in publishing and distributing over 28 books and selling over 350,000 copies, which are still selling today! The book offerings varied from fine art coffee table, self-help, and environmental awareness. Throughout her 17 years at Wyland, she was able to create tremendous impressions and worldwide reach with a message of art, nature, and community. Wyland galleries themselves amassed a huge following, featuring 48 fine art gallery locations in the most pristine areas of the US where 22 artists were represented. An amazing experience.

In the past, Angela personally enjoyed her involvement and leadership within the Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, where she served for 20 years as a founding Board of Director. The Wyland Foundation is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s oceans, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through educational programs, public arts projects, and community events. Since the inception of the Wyland Foundation, it has been Angela’s pleasure to volunteer hundreds of hours and work to raise thousands of dollars for integrative art programs across the country (and globally as well). Working directly with schools, hospitals, government agencies, art counsels, foundations and grassroots organizations to introduce art as a healing tool and share knowledge of water and ocean conservation and the importance of our stewardship of the waterways. The goal has always been to bridge the worlds of art and science.

After leaving the “corporate” world and promoting other artists, Angela knew she needed to dig deeply into her own artist soul and stretch her spiritual connectivity with the world. It was then that she co-founded, taught at and produced Replenish Retreat, in Laguna Beach, California, an all-inclusive sustained health and therapy destination program.

Further developing her artist and spiritual well-being and hoping to share it with others, Angela became a registered Yoga teacher, conducting classes where she reached others through Yoga therapeutics, Yoga for addiction and recovery, laughter Yoga and Yoga workshops. All of this, in turn, prompted her to become a certified Reiki Master as well as an applied behavior therapy facilitator where she worked with autistic children. Later she joined the Board of Directors for The Epiphany School of Global Studies Community Organization.