Robby Justiss has been a member of Seven Stories since 2009, where he has studied acting, directing and playwriting and appeared in several social justice showcases as well as the Emerging Playwrights Series. He made his main stage acting debut in the comedy musical Gumshoes Never Cry (But Coppers Sometimes Do).

In 2013 he made his directorial debut with A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters, was the light and sound designer for the world premiere of +Positive, and had a leading role in the world premiere production of Sam Graber’s Freedom Tower. After completing his successful 9-month internship with Seven Stories in September he was promoted to Resident Artist in Training. In 2014 he co-starred with Joey Madia in the horror musical Three Gothic Doctors & Their Sons and directed the world premiere of Poe: A Haunted Life. He has also successfully written, directed, and acted in several short films including the 2014 Campus Movie Fest winner Other Maxes, which won the award for “Best Story” and was chosen to play at the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival. In 2015 he was selected to attend the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival as a part of Creative Mind Group where he co-wrote and acted in the Audience Award winning short film Someplace Nice, which was shot, edited, and premiered on location at the festival.

When not working with Seven Stories, Robby has worked as a film critic for the Dominion Post and is a frequent attendee of both the Sundance Film Festival and Indianapolis Film Festival. He has also worked as producer at the 2013 and 2014 Indianapolis Film Festival and has attended many workshops on the art of filmmaking.