In keeping with our mission of creating and supporting new works and new playwrights of importance to social and cultural dialogue, Seven Stories Theatre Company has created the “Emerging Playwrights Series.”

Emerging Playwright: A playwright with considerable training and experience who has recently begun to have plays read and staged by theatre organization.

Reader’s Theatre: When a play is read by actors who stay in their seats. Action and setting are related by a Narrator (what you will be seeing tonight).

Staged Reading: A reading of a play where simple stage movement is used to enhance the meaning of the dialogue.

*Works are submitted to Seven Stories Artistic Director/Resident Playwright Joey Madia a month in advance for casting and read-thrus.

*Playwrights make adjustments based on actor/director feedback.

Weekend Itinerary
Playwrights arrive afternoon/evening for rehearsal and any media opportunities.
Media opportunities, town tour, evening rehearsals.
6pm: Meet and greet/light foods reception with playwright, actors and attendees.
7pm-8:30: Staged readings of new works by playwright.
8:30-10: Audience invited to provide feedback/engage in discussion with playwright and actors.


April 7–9: Sam Graber, Minneapolis, MN. Composer, playwright, former founder and owner of Accompany Publishing, specializing in arts education/integration.

May 6–8: Ron Brown, West Virginia; Ron has been a student in Joey Madia’s writing classes through Pierpoint Continuing Education for the past 2 years, and his play was developed in the Playwriting Class.

June 9–11: William Wyant, Morgantown, WV; Bill has been a student in Joey Madia’s writing classes through Pierpoint Continuing Education for the past 2 years months, and his play was developed in the Playwriting Class.

August 4–6: Becky Ellis; graduate of the playwriting program at New York University; currently a graduate student at Arcadia University

September 9–10: Steven George, Fairmont, WV playwright.

From playwright Sam Graber, Minneapolis, MN, featured Emerging Playwright, April 2011: The Emerging Playwrights series is critical to the development of new works. Joey more than anyone else I have ever worked with provided huge direction, guidance and artistic development opportunity. In an age when disposable media is just that, live theater sticks with people and community far longer.  It’s a persistent consumption event that sticks with people far after they turn off a TV or leave a movie theater.  Theater remains with audiences. I am now able to take these new works featured as part of the New Mystics Emerging Playwrights series and start getting them produced and staged across the world, including a World Premiere production of my play “In Congress with the Night” in Morgantown in June 2012, which was worshopped as part of the April event.  The process with Joey helped strengthen these works by allowing me to not only listen to the words read aloud by actors, but to watch the direction and performance process.

From Bill Wyant, June Emerging Playwright: We really enjoyed the staged readings of Sam’s plays Saturday evening.  It was especially interesting to be able to recognize and appreciate seeing the principles and techniques you have been teaching in our writing classes at work on the stage.  Show don’t tell, deliver on your promises, characterization and dialogue, and more became more than just classroom exercises.  I am becoming much more comfortable with my own writing, particularly writing dialogue, and was pleased to be able to understand the process better as it moved through the readings.  Thanks for arranging a very enjoyable evening.
From Ron Brown, May Emerging Playwright: I attended last Saturday’s presentation in the Emerging Playwrights Series at New Mystics Center for Arts and Education, spot-lighting the work of Mr. Sam Graber of Minneapolis. As an aspiring playwright myself, I found this arena to be the perfect forum for honing and distilling works-in-progress. The staged readings of some of Mr. Graber’s newest works and the subsequent comments of audience members were intriguing, to say the least. In my opinion this venue provides the early feedback critical to the tweaking process that all writers must endure. Kudos to Joey Madia of New Mystics for a great idea!