The play, written by the award-winning Seven Stories Artistic Director/Resident Playwright Joey Madia, is the product of 15 months of interviews and theatre workshops with teenagers and research on the growing tragedy that is teen suicide. This one-act play uses the insights and stories of teenagers in a cutting edge format to explore and open a dialogue concerning the pressures, perspectives, and precursors to teen suicide.

The play has two versions: a 45-minute stand alone and a 20-minute version that will be part of our larger work, “Voices of Violence.”

The play is designed to give voice to the problem of teen suicide in an honest and peer-to-peer theatrical presentation and reach the target audience of primarily teen audiences to provide a forum and means for schools and communities to better understand and prevent teen suicide.

Please email to receive excerpts from this play.


For one performance: $500.00
For two performances: $700.00
For three performances: $1,000.00

The artistic staff and performers are available for either pre- or post-performance discussions with large and small groups.

Arrangements must be made in advance.


Our undertaking of this project began in response to the series of teen suicides over the past few years in Monmouth County, NJ; suicides that touched the lives of many of our Theatre Company members. It is our belief that teen suicide is a complex and largely misunderstood problem. With the trust and honesty built over the past 5 years with our Company members, and given the success of our other plays and workshops, we anticipate an open, honest, and ultimately fruitful dialogue will be initiated in communities where this play is performed. If even a single teenager can be kept from attempting or committing suicide, then it will be more than worth the effort.

…and the Rogers Family, Shore Ballroom, the Hoagland Family, the Murphy Family, the Farrell Family, and the Ellison Family.