Set in the visitors’ room of a drug rehabilitation center, this collection of monologues details the drug and alcohol experiences of a divergent group of young people. Consequences of use, family dynamics, struggles with getting clean, peer pressure, and other aspects of their lives are presented in a straightforward and realistic manner sure to catch and keep the attention of teens.

THINKIN’ IT OVER (Now in its 10th Year!)
Using a mix of traditional and presentational theatre techniques, this one-act play creates awareness about the circumstances and consequences of teen sex, including the role of date rape drugs and alcohol, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS, by following several months in the lives of three teenage couples.

Voices of Violence explores the many forms of violence and bullying (physical, psychological, sexual, domestic, racial, and others) that people face in their homes, schools, workplaces, and in society at large. “Voices of Violence” is designed to meet the needs of schools and other organizations by providing you with a range of pieces to choose from in order to create a targeted and effective 50-minute presentation comprised of monologues, scenes, and spoken word/presentational pieces that matter most to your students and staff.

Written by award-winning playwright and artist–educator Joey Madia, New Mystics plays have been thoroughly researched, and are based on interviews with adults and young people and intensive workshops with theatre company members.

RATES FOR PERFORMANCE (45 minutes in length)
For one performance: $500.00
For two performances: $700.00
For three performances: $1,000.00

The artistic directors and performers are available for either pre- or post-performance
discussions with large and small groups. Arrangements must be made in advance.