About the Program
Spontaneous. Interactive. Engaging. The Seven Stories Bullying Education and Prevention workshops are designed to be all of these things, and more. Using improvisational theatre techniques and a set of scenarios created from years of research, discussions with teachers, students, and administrators from a variety of educational settings, and our experiences in the field, our program is designed to provide a maximum of useful, realistic information and to encourage discussion, problem solving, and critical thinking both during the workshop and beyond. Scenarios are played out by professional teenage actors (and program participants as well!), strategies discussed and then the scenarios are replayed and the new outcomes examined so students can see that the strategies really work.

Subjects Covered
Scenarios are specifically designed for two age groups: 2nd-4th grade and 5th-8th grade, and provide a number of strategies to help students deal with such issues as: what it means to bully someone, including the use of gossip, rumors, and betraying someone’s confidence; what to do when you are being bullied; how bullies use peer pressure and other psychological devices to get you to do what they want; ways to say no to alcohol, tobacco and drugs when being pressured; and the dangers of the Internet and how it has become a prevalent tool, along with email, instant messaging, and cell phones, for bullying. The program is customizable to address the specific needs of your organization and its students, ensuring a practical and thought-provoking experience for children and adults alike.

What People are Saying

“Your energy was truly amazing and the way you engaged each and every student was amazing.  I felt that you had their attention 95% of the time and that’s no easy task for those young people.  It was amazing to observe and am truly shocked and impressed, still.”
–parent of elementary school student

“My son came tonight, not because he is a bully but because he spent two weeks in the hospital for trying to stand up to a bully on behalf of his friend. …Thank you for letting these kids know they have other options.”
–mother of a workshop attendee at a public library

“I didn’t realize there were so many ways to bully someone. Now I know how to make a good decision in one of the situations you talked about.”
–5th grade student

“You really reached the students—and got them talking about these issues!”
–middle school counselor

“You were a big hit! The kids really enjoyed it and the adults had only rave reviews.”
–Sunday school administrator

“The children loved your presentation and truly praised your efforts. They always need exposure to new ideas on how to recognize and deal with all forms of bullying!”
–5th grade teacher

“I believe the skits sent a powerful message that the kids can apply.”
–prevention program administrator

“After you came I realized that sometimes I can be a bully too.”
–5th grade student

Rates for Workshops
$125 for a 50 minute to 1 hour workshop.

Reduced rates are available for multiple sessions (up to 4) in a single day.